The attention to detail and personalised approach of our courses extends to our accommodation.

There are three main types of Accommodation for an Accent Course: Executive Homestay, Hotel Accommodation and Self-Catering Accommodation

Executive Homestay

We strongly recommend staying with an Executive Homestay where our course participants live in beautiful homes of English professional people who provide accommodation of the highest standard.

If you choose Executive Homestay, you will have a bedroom with a private bathroom, breakfast and evening meal every day and lunch on Sundays. The food is of a very high quality and the furnishings, decoration and garden are appropriate for this level of accommodation. In addition, and perhaps even more important, is the fact that you will be welcomed into an English home. This means that your total immersion in English is complete because you will be surrounded by the language and have the opportunity for more practice and more progress. Our Executive Homestay providers are carefully selected and regularly inspected by Accent. We are very confident you will enjoy your stay with them.

What to expect from a homestay provider

  • You will be treated as a full member of the household
  • Breakfast + evening meals will be provided. Your hosts will eat dinner with you in the evenings.
  • You will have your own room with a bed, storage for clothing, a desk or study area and private or ensuite bathroom
  • Your hosts will always communicate with you in English
  • You will be the only student of your 1st language (unless you request to stay with a friend)

Homestay Fees 2024

Executive Homestay Accommodation

£385 per week

Our homestays include

  • Free WIFI
  • Clean accommodation
  • Towels and bed linen provided
  • Light lunch on weekend trips provided
  • Central heating
  • Private bathroom
  • Laundry services
  • Study desk or quiet area provided
  • Home-cooked evening meals
  • Spacious rooms
  • Desirable location