Terms and Conditions


The deposit paid at the time of enrolment will be deducted from the total amount due for course fees. The enrolment will be valid only after it has been confirmed by Accent. If Accent is unable to accept your enrolment the deposit will be returned. In certain courses minimum numbers of participants are required for the scheduled activities. Accent reserves the right to cancel courses where minima are not achieved. Any fees or deposits paid will be returned in full. Alternatively, an individual intensive course of equal or greater value will be offered.

CONDITIONS OF PAYMENT: All fees for the full period of enrolment are payable before arrival. Delay in making payments in no way lessens the participant's liability to pay but may result in cancellation of the enrolment by Accent. Fees are not refundable once the course has commenced.

ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation is booked from midday on the Sunday before the course until midday on the Saturday after the course. Exact arrival and departure times should be notified to Accent. No reduction can be made for any late arrival or early departure.

CANCELLATION: Cancellation before arrival must be made in writing to Accent. The deposit is not refundable. Balance of fees is refundable only if written cancellation is received by Accent four weeks prior to commencement of course.

ATTENDANCE: Students enrolled on a course organised by Accent undertake to attend classes. A student has no claim to a refund of fees should the whole or part of a course or any activity, paid for in advance, not be attended.

INSURANCE: Students are not insured by Accent against illness, injury, accident, theft or any loss of personal effects. Accent or its representatives cannot accept responsibility for any accidents occurring during the course, on or off the course premises, on excursions or during activities. Personal insurance cover is therefore recommended. Full personal insurance cover should be taken out to include medical and any other expenses and also loss of fees should the whole or part of a course or any activity, paid for in advance, not be attended.

AGE: Minimum age for Accent Courses is 21

EURO PRICES: Prices in Euros, if requested, will be calculated at the time of invoicing, according to the exchange rate at that time. Accent reserves the right to change these prices if the exchange rate varies significantly.